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World War II


4-Player Scenario

Our World War II scenario begins when Germany and Japan are at the height of their power, and the US is in the full swing of the war. Japan is advancing north from Indochina towards Siberia. Germany already has a foothold deep into Russia, almost to the Urals. The great Bear of Europe may be falling. Many fronts have come to a partial standstill, and it will take your best effort as a decisive general to break through and win the war.

The WWII scenario uses regular DR variant rules. Although the US's Manhattan Project is successful, this scenario does NOT use Nuclear Devastation rules.



Germany, Italy, and Fascist Spain (Black): Starts the game with an alliance with Japan.
A. Northern Europe (50 armies)
B. Ukraine (30 armies)
C. Southern Europe (40 armies)
D. Western Europe (2 armies)
E. North Africa (20 armies)


Japanese Empire (Red): Alliance with Germany (Black).
A. Japan (60 armies)
B. Mongolia, China (20 armies apiece)
C. Siam (30 armies)
D. Irkutsk (10 armies)


British and Assorted Allies (Green): Alliance with US and Russia.
A. Great Britain (60 armies)
B. Indonesia (40 armies)
C. New Guinea, Eastern Australia, Western Australia (1 army apiece)
D. Egypt, East Africa (20 armies apiece)
E. Congo (10 armies)


US and Russia (Blue): Alliance with Allies (Green).
A. Greenland (20 armies)
B. Central America (20 armies)
C. The Rest of North America (1 army apiece)
D. Kamchatka (50 armies)
E. Yakutsk, Siberia (10 armies apiece)
F. Ural (5 armies)


Neutral (Gray): Neutral can only defend. Anyone may roll for neutral.
A. Brazil (20 armies)
B. All unmentioned countries (1 army apiece)

Order of Turns
A. US/Russia
B. Germany/Italy/Spain
C. Brits/Allies
D. Japan