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Software Review: Risk II



My Rating: 4/5

   Honestly, we all know that this review is not... is Risk II the best Risk computer game? Compared to the freebies out there on the internet, there's no competition. This review is... is it worth the money? The answer is yes. Most stores now carry it for $19.99 (from an original retail price of $49.99).

   When you first double-click the icon and watch the Microprose logo fade into the background, you don't know what to expect, but as soon as you see the opening video with animated Napoleonic soldiers preparing for war, you know you got the right game. Sure, the graphics aren't Half-Life or Halo, but it's a Risk game... remember? What do you expect.

   The designers do an incredible job with added features. Same-Time Risk, Single Player Tournaments, and Hot-Seat Risk all add something to the life of the game. The choice and positioning of the added territories is also incredible. They double the tactical finesse required for the famous stalemates of Risk (Greenland v. Iceland, Alaska v. Kamchatka, etc.) while maintaining, if not improving, the balance of the game.

   I already mentioned the life of the product. For the average computer gamer, maybe it isn't worth it. You play a couple of games and you're bored, but, hey, if you weren't addicted to working and reworking the nuances of Risk, you wouldn't be at this website. So if you're half as Risk-addicted as we are, buy the game.