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Playing Aggressively and Staying Alive



    To play aggressively, you need to put it all on the line, and you've got to have the balls to commit to it. Even though extremely aggressive plays take a risk at committing suicide, you not only have a chance of surviving... you have a chance at winning quickly. Take your men into strategically sound places such as South America and Africa. Then explode taking down as many territories as possible! For example, take Africa and stick almost all of your men on Egypt and North Africa. From there you wait until it is your turn. If you are the last player to go, you wait until the others have destroyed each other's defenses. Then you make the attacks! Go for South America because it can only be attacked by Central America when you own Africa. If you have enough men on Venezuela, keep going! Take out Central America, and then stop there. Return to the African/European border and choose where to continue: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, or the Middle East.

~ If you go with the Middle East, you must stay low: go for India, Siam, then Australia. There is a risk of spreading yourself thin, but you could build up in Australia and have a go at Asia, even if India falls.
~If you go with Western Europe stay left and try to take out Great Britain. Then go upwards towards Iceland and Scandinavia.
~If you go with Eastern Europe choose either left or right, but either way you are likely to lose too many men, possibly opening a hole to yourself.

To stay alive you have to keep yourself from getting too spread out. If you do accomplish the conquests you're looking for, and you get spread apart then you should defend what is truly important (Africa and South America in our example) and if your new conquests fall, they fall. Even if you lose them, your raid has still put a huge dent in their forces. The motto of the aggressive player: More countries equals more armies.

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