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Hasbro Proposal

As the Risk community continues to decline, it has become ever more necessary to promote this great game. The undersigned members of online Risk organizations believe that the most efficient and productive way to proceed in this arena is the re-birth of the Hasbro Risk page in the same style as the ones held by similar games, such as Axis & Allies, Risk 2210, and Diplomacy. Although the aforementioned games may be familiar to the war gamer, Risk inspires memories in the minds of all Americans along with other classic board games including Monopoly. Risk is one of the few games played by everyone as they grew up and passed to their children.

            However, the content on the page in the way of features and history is not in our area. Nevertheless, we believe that this website, in order to expand the online Risk community, should also feature links to the four or five most prominent Risk sites and forums. It is clear that the relatively new Internet is the only mechanism to keep this classic alive.


Thank you for your time,
and the other 35 members of the RiskChampions online forum.