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Cold War


4-Player Scenario

The Cold War scenario begins when the Vietnam War takes a different turn. The Soviet Union drops a nuclear weapon on Saigon, killing thousands of US troops as well as the South Vietnamese citizens and government. The US and its allies are outraged, and central Europe becomes a build-up ground for armies of both sides. When pro-Soviet forces in the Middle East make a grab for Africa, the situation spirals out of control.

The Cold War scenario uses the optional Nuclear Devastation rules in conjunction with the DR variant rules. Be sure to read up on these rules, as they are integral to the Soviet-Allied war.



Soviet Union (Red): Starts game with an alliance with Arab states.
A. Ukraine (50 armies, 5 nuclear weapons)
B. Ural, Siberia, Yakutsk, Irkutsk (2 armies apiece)
C. Mongolia (5 armies, 3 nuclear weapons)
D. Kamchatka (40 armies)


Arab Reactionaries (Black): Start game with an alliance with Soviet Union.
A. Middle East (40 armies)
B. Egypt (30 armies)
C. North Africa (20 armies)
D. East Africa (2 armies, 2 nuclear weapons)


United States (Blue): Alliance with US Allies.
A. Alaska (40 armies, 5 nuclear weapons)
B. Northwest Territory, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Western US, Eastern US, Central America, Greenland (2 armies apiece, 1 nuclear weapon apiece)


US Allies (Green): Alliance with US.
A. Northern Europe (40 armies, 1 nuclear weapons)
B. Southern Europe (40 armies)
C. Western Europe (15 armies)
D. Great Britain (2 armies, 3 nuclear weapon)
E. Iceland (1 army)
F. Afghanistan, Japan (5 armies apiece)


Neutral (Gray): No alliances. Can only defend. Anyone can roll for neutral.
A. All of South America, Congo, South Africa, Madagascar, India, Siam, Indonesia, New Guinea, Eastern Australia, Western Australia (1 army apiece)
B. China (10 armies, 1 nuclear weapon)     

Order of Turns
Turns rotate in the following order:
A. Arab Reactionaries
B. US Allies
C. Soviet Union